We need your support and generous charity for next work.So we can do above work In Pawagadh or chotila get land and build one caravansary so our north gujarat’s rohit brothers can get to live and to dine. Build one committee to manage this. After 5 or 10 years if we pour water or not the tree will still alive. It alive by getting the nourishment from the water of monsoon. But the plant will do progress if we feed fertilizer when it is in the stage of growth. So we have to help children of our society who are brave but they cannot do progress without help in lower standard. So for that if we have to trample society, village and city we do and precious children get help so our society can more develop and go ahead. In Ahmadabad also thinking to arrange Samuh lagna. In today’s generation senior are being hooted by their children.These old person can spend their remaining life peacefully and these seniors can spend their life with respect for these purpose they are thinking of arrangement for make asylum for seniors. Occationally they thinking to arrange camps for diabetes,eyes diseases and blood donation. In panchmahal city there are more illeteracy,more blind faith.For this purpose this trust is thik for proper thinking to take steps for improvement like awaking for education by tramping home to home, relief people who suffering from blind faith and give medicines to make diseasefree.For education purpose if needed arrangement for provide free education and facility to living-to dine/build school and asylum school. For this purpose this trust need generous helping hand.So  trust can complete its goal so request to all you donors to help generouslly. I assure you that your generous charity used in proper and work of helping society instead of wrong path. Design & Develop By : Dalia Web & Soft Solution © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO SHREE SHANISHWAR SEVA SANSTHA Trust Regn. No.: E/7437/vadodara