“SHREE SHANISHWAR SEVA SANSTHA” Established in the year 2010  & started by  Mr. Ravikant Parmar. Their compassionate heartwas deeply moved when they saw the suffering of destitute and orphan children in the streets.They started supporting the education of a child.Then they registered a Charitable Trust and started to provide shelter for orphan and destitute children. This was the beggining of SHREE SHANISHWAR SANSTHA. The caring work of Mr. Ravikant Parmar  expanded in scope and now SHREE SHANISHWAR SANSTHA is a sanctuary for many destitute children who are either orphans or abandoned by their parents. Our main area of focus lies on the downtrodden and under privileged sections of the society. We believe that it is the social responsibility of all the citizens of our nation to serve the destitute and less advantaged people. These people are either orphans or neglected by their family due to various socio economic reasons. They need equal opportunities like any other normal individual to lead an honorable and respectable life. Thus, we have come up with various programs like serving food to the orphans, taking care of the sick and needy and offering educational and livelihood support to children and youth. We except donation from every section of the society. We at SHREE SHANISHWAR SEVA SANSTHA  organizes various schemes for the welfare of the poor children like health, education and living. We provide healthy atmosphere to these children and provide every possible help. About Trust Design & Develop By : Dalia Web & Soft Solution © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO SHREE SHANISHWAR SEVA SANSTHA Trust Regn. No.: E/7437/vadodara